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Femtosecond lasers for medical device manufacturing and ultra-high precision micromachining applications

04 Sep 2020

Get a cost-effective and versatile femtosecond laser

Our powerful femtosecond laser, the ORIGAMI XP, has been designed for easy and cost-effective integration. It sets new standards for all-in-one femtosecond lasers in medical device manufacturing and ultra-high precision micromachining applications.

Femtosecond lasers provide a cold ablation micromachining process due to their high peak-power. The high peak-power breaks down the material almost instantly and removes it without affecting the surrounding material. It is ideal for processing of fine 100s of microns features, or smaller, with a minimal heat-affected zone (HAZ).

The ORIGAMI XP is used for applications such as medical device fabrication, femtosecond micromachining, thin-film patterning, sapphire drilling, and cutting, glass cutting and drilling, ceramics drilling and scribing, polyimide drilling and cutting, multiphoton microscopy, ophthalmic applications, and FPD pixel repair.

The monolithic system design ensures clean, ultrashort pulse duration, superior beam quality, and unprecedented beam pointing.

Our application lab is at your service

If you wonder how to make the most of our ultrafast lasers, let us help you.

We built a state-of-the-art application center where our team of highly skilled experts is continuously working on ultrafast processing of a wide range of materials.

We would love to explore and optimize your ultrafast laser micromachining applications with you.

Ablation, drilling, cutting, scribing, marking, engraving, welding, or surface functionalization of metals, ceramics, brittle transparent materials, or organic materials are some of the center's capabilities.

The first all-in-one air-cooled, microjoule femtosecond laser

The ORIGAMI XP is the first all-in-one, single-box, microjoule femtosecond laser on the market. The laser head, controller, and air-cooling system are all integrated into one small and robust package, with a footprint so small it even fits into a hand-luggage!

It comes with removable handles and offers full remote-control capabilities. A simple through-hole mounting system and high precision mechanical referencing planes ensure straightforward drop-in installation.

The system is based on a compact monolithic chirped pulse amplification platform capable of delivering up to 70 µJ pulse energy at 1030 nm, 5 W average power, and a pulse duration below 400 fs.

Head over to our website to get the datasheet and read the application notes.

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