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Product Announcement

Affordable Module - MWIR

12 Aug 2020

Introducing the smallest MWIR detection module on the market – the Affordable Module!  It includes a new InAsSb detector integrated with preamplifier – overall dimensions are only 10 x 10 mm2. All compliant with the RoHS directive and applicable for high volume, low cost markets.

New from our partners, Vigo System, is the Affordable Module.  It is an “all-in-one” uncooled IR detection module with integrated detector and low-noise preamplifier.  The Affordable Module is compact, the integrated amplifier and detector are integrated onto a circuit board that can fit inside a TO8 package.  The detectors are fabricated from new material based on InAsSb semiconductors. This means no more Mercury or Cadmium, resulting in a RoHS compliant device.

Package options available:

  • OEM component (only PCB with detector element),
  • mounted on a TO8 submount (header)
  • mounted and sealed in a TO8 package with a window.
  • Through-hole mounting is possible.
  • Other OEM options

The amplified analog output of the Affordable Module may be connected directly to your measurement equipment. The detection module is supplied with 3° wedged zinc selenide anti-reflection coated window which prevents unwanted interference effects.

Features of the Affordable Module include:

  • Uncooled MWIR InAsSb detector integrated with low noise preamplifier
  • TO-8 / OEM submount
  • Small size: chip dimension - 10 x 10 x 3 mm³
  • Low power consumption
  • RoHS compliance
  • Immune to EMI
  • DC / AC operation
  • Large dynamic range
  • Reduced fringing option
  • Convenient in use
  • Customizable size, spectral response and signal processing circuits
  • SPI / USB digital output available soon

Applications for the Affordable Module include:

  • High volume, low cost products (consumer and industrial)
  • MWIR spectroscopy (gas, liquids, and solids analysis)
  • Temperature measurement
  • Laser metrology
  • Monitoring of industrial and laboratory processes
  • Laser power monitoring and control

Contact us at boselec@boselec.com for more information on the Affordable Module and evaluation samples (limited supply).  Also ask about our full range of IR solutions including fast, room-temp detectors and modules, thermopile detectors and imaging arrays, quantum cascade lasers (QCL), IR LED and emitters, high-resolution HD format IR cameras and modules and calibrated blackbody systems.

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