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Product Announcement

Bespoke Fibre Optical Bundles

21 Jul 2020

LASER COMPONENTS is a well-established manufacturer and distributor of laser and optical components world-wide. One of our manufactured products in the fibre optic product line is a fibre bundle.

Fibre bundles split or combine beams.  For this purpose, fibres consisting of independent strands are combined with a branching device in a single cable.  There are a significant number of applications where a fibre bundle finds its use, these are:  illumination, material processing, UV curing, photolithography, UV spectroscopy, sensor technology, and Raman spectroscopy.

One of the configurations, used often in spectroscopy, is a bifurcated fibre bundle, with 3 separate ports.  1st (the input) is connected to the light source, 2nd (the common) is placed at the sample that will be measured, and the 3rd (the output) is connected to the slit on a spectrometer.  Fibres at the slit can be arranged in a linear fashion to accommodate a slit geometry.

We offer bespoke solutions for OEM manufacturing with a large variety of different fibre types.

All standard fibres are available in different diameters.  In combination with standard connectors, special ferrules, and fibre arrays, they can be processed into fibre bundles for prototype and series quantities.

There is no limit to the active area as even hundreds of fibres can be bundled with our technology.

High power fibre bundles can be manufactured too with fibre fusion.  These fibre bundles are fused such that the adhesive, which could potentially be destroyed in a high-power application, is not found in the front surface area or unnecessary dead zones.  With this technology it is possible to transmit power equivalent to the damage threshold of the fibre material used- usually ~1GW/cm2.

Further information https://www.lasercomponents.com/uk/fiber-optics/fiber-assemblies/

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