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LaCl3 Chloride Crystal

06 Jul 2020


LaCl3 crystal has UCl3 type structure, space group P63/m, and it has attracted much attention for its high light output as well as good energy resolution. These unique properties made LaCl3 crystal a promising material as scintillator in the field of high-energy physics experiments and medical imaging, as well. LaCl3 (doped with 10% Ce3+) has a very high light output (49,000 photons/MeV), and fast principle decay time constant (26 ns) . These properties make LaCl3:Ce a very promising material for gamma-ray spectroscopy.

LaCl3 crystal belongs to hexagonal system, density is 3.8g/cm3. Its energy resolution is 3.1%, decay time With 26 ns and a time resolution of 224 ps, there is almost no damage after exposure to gamma rays up to 3 kGy. Such excellent scintillation performance is very rare in inorganic compounds. The energy is 60 keV to 1275 keV. Under the excitation of γ-ray source, the nonlinear response coefficient of light output is 7%, which is far superior to LSO:Ce crystal (35%), NaI: Tl crystal (15%) and CsI: Tl (20%). Based on its good numbers, this scintillation material can find its place in such applications as medical imaging, nuclear physics, X-ray diffraction, non-destructive evaluation, treaty verification and safeguards, environmental monitoring, and geological exploration.


Material LaCl3
Appearance white odorless powder 
Crystal structure hexagonal (UCl3 type), hP8
Space group P63/m, No. 176
Lattice constant a = 0.74779 nm, b = 0.74779 nm, c = 0.43745 nm
Formula units (Z) 2
Coordination geometry Tricapped trigonal prismatic,(nine-coordinate)
Density (g/cm3)  3.8
Melting point  860 °C
Boiling point 1,000 °C 
Solubility in water 957 g/L (25 °C)
Emission peak (nm) 350, 430
Decay time (ns) 28
Energy resolution R (%) 10.5 ± 0.9
Photon yield (103 ph/MeV) 34 ± 1
Light yield (photons/keV) 49
Light output (photons/MeV) 50,500
Absorbed γ-ray energy (keV)  662, 60
Photoelectron yield [% of NaI(TI)](for γ-rays)  35



  • Excellent energy resolution
  • Good time resolution
  • High chemical resistance
  • Fast decay times – 28nsec
  • High light outputs – 49,000 Photons/MeV
  • Optical outputs with good linearity with temperature
  • Excellent radiation hardness


  • Safety inspection
  • Geological exploration
  • Environmental testing
  • Medical – SPECT
  • Industrial – Well logging
  • Nuclear and high energy physics – specialist applications

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