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Product Announcement

Lateral Transfer Hollow Periscope (LTHP)

24 Jun 2020

The Lateral Transfer Hollow Periscope (LTHP), produced by LASER COMPONENTS’ partner PLX Inc. is used to shift a beam laterally by a pre-defined distance while maintaining input to output beam parallelism down to sub-arcsecond accuracy.  PLX utilises their 65 years of expertise in high-precision and low-stress mounting techniques along with CTE matched materials to ensure exceptional stability over wide thermal excursions.  In wide range of vibration and shock conditions, these robust designs remain static and maintain perfect parallelism with the entrance beam. 

The patented LTHP may be configured with one of the mirrors being a 50-50 beam splitter, producing two output beams which are precisely parallel to each other, travelling in the same direction. 

PLX is a technology company located in New York, USA that provides customised solutions to many industries and specialises in the development and manufacture of high accuracy complex optical structures that withstand non-optimal conditions.

Further information https://www.lasercomponents.com/uk/product/retroreflectors-for-high-power-applications/

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