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Product Announcement

Raytrace 100x faster using GPUs in FREDmpc

28 Jan 2021

FRED Optical Engineering Software is a globally recognized optomechanical raytracing and analysis program used by industry, government, and research in the development of optical systems.

Photon Engineering's newest software innovation is FREDmpc, which has an entirely new core architecture written to utilize the massively parallel computing capabilities of graphical processing units (GPUs). Compared to previous CPU based architectures, calculations using the GPU enabled core of FREDmpc are performed over 100x faster.

FREDmpc is uniquely positioned in the optical engineering software market to take advantage of the rapid advances in GPU hardware, which is highly scalable and low cost. By simply adding, or upgrading, the GPU board in a PC, raytracing and analyses with FREDmpc can be performed orders of magnitude faster using GPUs than with conventional multi-threaded CPUs.

FREDmpc is designed to address the most valuable resource in any organization - time.

Simulation tools like FREDmpc play an ever-increasing role in the development of optical systems, providing predictive analyses during product design and diagnostic forensics during manufacture and testing. Correspondingly, it becomes increasingly important that the software used should provide the highest fidelity results possible, in the shortest amount of time possible.

This allows for more time to be spent engineering and less time waiting.

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