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Product Announcement

OEM High Voltage Power Supplies

04 Aug 2020

EKSMA Optics offers a variety of High Voltage Power Supplies for scientific and industrial use. Our HV power supplies are tailored for powering of Pockels Cell Drivers, but can also be used in other applications where high voltage power supply is required.

We introduce a new series of OEM type High Voltage Power Supplies, designed to be used with high power and high repetition rate Pockels cell drivers that require >120 W power from HV source. These power supply modules are also suitable as universal HV power supplies when up to 200 – 400 W high voltage source is needed. To extend the versatility of possible applications both single (positive) polarity and bipolar HV series power supplies are available.


  • Up to 400 W and 4 kV at the output
  • Single polarity HV and bipolar HV-2x versions
  • Computer control through CAN and RS232
  • 48 VDC powering
  • Auxiliary 24 VDC output for Pockels cell drivers

Contact us to learn more about HV Series High Voltage Power Supplies, as well as our electro-optics product line, including Pockels cells and their drivers, complete pulse picking and q-switching solutions.

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