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Product Announcement

IQFROG measuring your Ultrashort Pulses

02 Jun 2020

LASER COMPONENTS would like to introduce the IQFROG to measure the pulse intensity and phase in both the spectral and temporal domains, yielding a complete pulse characterisation. The IQFROG has a built-in high-resolution spectrometer with a long delay arm which enables measurement of a wide range of optical pulse lengths from 300fs, up to 50ps for chirped pulses.

The system is based on the principle of frequency-resolved optical gating (spectrally resolved SHG autocorrelation) which allows sub-picosecond resolution since it is not limited by the response time of the detector.

It is a very reliable, user-friendly, and highly sensitive instrument that provides detailed information on the pulse’s temporal and phase profiles.

The IQFROG is available in 1.0μm and 1.5μm wavelength versions. The 1μm version is an ideal tool for seed laser pulse characterisation in chirped pulse amplification (CPA), while the 1.5μm version is suitable for C & L band telecom applications. In both versions a connectorised fibre input makes coupling of the beam easy and eliminates the need for manual alignment.

Further information https://www.lasercomponents.com/uk/product/frog-based-measurement-of-optical-pulses/

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