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Product Announcement

Precision Broadband Polka-dot Beamsplitters 250nm – 2000nm. Made in the USA, Available Today

01 Jun 2020

Optometrics’ broadband polka-dot beamsplitters are produced using photolithography to apply a precise and repeating pattern of tiny reflective ‘dots’ on a transmissive substrate. An optical beam is split by reflection and transmission based on the aspect ratio of the area covered by the reflective dots to the area of the uncoated transmissive substrate. These polka-dot beamsplitters are minimally sensitive to angle of incidence, making them well-suited for use in many advanced optical systems.

Key Features:

  • Near constant reflection to transmission ratio
  • Operating range: 250nm – 2000nm, depending on substrate and coating
  • 0° - 45° angle of incidence
  • 2mm minimum beam diameter
  • Precision coated pattern – Typically < 1.5 um edge variation
  • Optional overcoating
  • Proudly made in the USA

Standard Inventory Options:

  • Reflection to Transmission Ratio: Eight available from 20:80 to 90:10
  • Substrates: Fused silica or Schott B270® ultra white glass
  • Sizes: Standard diameters and squares

                     o Diameters at 12.7mm, 25.4mm, 38mm, and 50.8mm

                     o Squares at 25.4mm, 38mm, and 50.8mm

Have a specialized need? We can produce polka-dot beamsplitters on alternate substrates that extend operating ranges, tailor the reflection to transmission ratio, assemble into mounts, as well as size and shape the substrate to your requirements. Send us your specs for a custom quote.

We have broad inventory in stock and available to ship today. Shop online or submit your requirements for a custom quote.

** Optometrics’ facilities are open. Our work manufacturing components for defense and medical applications has designated our operations “essential”. We are running at normal capacity and are on track to meet existing demand and delivery schedules.

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