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Product Announcement

High Voltage Drivers with Fast Amplitude Modulation

21 May 2020

EKSMA Optics offers a wide range of high voltage drivers tailored for specific laser applications, including Q-switching, pulse injection, cavity dumping, and CW beam chopping.

We have just introduced the new High Voltage Drivers with Fast Amplitude Modulation (FAM) designed to form laser pulse trains or even single laser pulses with specific user-defined amplitude levels, while controlling the operation of Pockels cell in the pulse picker system.

DPS/DPD-FAM series drivers’ capability to modulate the amplitude of ultrafast laser pulses makes it a promising choice for some of the material processing applications.


  • Fast amplitude modulation of HV pulses
  • Output HV pulse amplitude range from 0.1 kV to 2.5 kV
  • HV pulse repetition rate up to 500 kHz

EKSMA Optics Pockels cell drivers can be powered by appropriate OEM or laboratory type high voltage power supplies.

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