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Product Announcement

FLEXPOINT®  : Small but Powerful Lasers

04 May 2020

The FLEXPOINT® laser series from LASER COMPONENTS offers a wide variety of versatile options to help solve many industrial and machine vision applications.   Among these options are the FLEXPOINT® MVfemto, MVpico and MVnano line laser models.


The smallest machine vision laser worldwide.  This module is shorter than a match with dimensions of just 40mm x 8mm but with a choice of output powers of up to 50mW.   The focus of MVfemto modules is set during factory production.  In addition to the standard version, modules are also available with separate optical and electronic elements, as well as a version without driver electronics.


With a housing of 61mm x 11.5mm and output powers of up to 100mW, the FLEXPOINT® MVnano lasers are suited as stand-alone products or for integration in a variety of different applications.

The focussing mechanism allows for fast and accurate adjustments to the focal distance.  There are several optics available for selection that offer the best ratio between line thickness and depth of focus for each application.  MVnano modules are available with either an adjustable or a fixed focus.

Versions with separate optical and electronic elements are particularly space saving. One version is also available without an electronic control unit for integration in camera systems.


Dimensions are just 50mm long and have a diameter of 10mm, making them well suited for integration in intelligent 3D vision sensors.  Despite their small housing, they achieve output power levels of up to 100mW.

All FLEXPOINT® lasers are manufactured by LASER COMPONENTS. We have the unique ability to flexibly respond to customers’ requests.  Simply let us know your requirements, and we will look to find a solution for your special laser module together!

Further information https://www.lasercomponents.com/uk/lasers/laser-modules/flexpoint-machine-vision-lasers/

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