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Welcome To Perfection – Discover your new PerfectLensTM SIVA

17 Apr 2020

Archer OpTx manufactures PerfectLens™ CNC precision machined and PerfectLens™ ultra- precision molded glass aspheric lenses for the precision optics industry. These advanced lens element manufacturing processes provide the opportunity for rapid prototyping and then a path for ultra-high precision, high volume production. Archer OpTx has now used these advantages to bring you three fixed focus assemblies we call the PerfectLens™ SIVA Series (System Imaging Vision Assembly).

The latest addition to the PerfectLensTM SIVA Series is the SIVA 1820. The SIVA 1820 functions very near the computer design model, offering Hi-Res Wide Angle (3000 lp/mm – 18 MP sensor - 70⁰ FOV). The matched resolution enables the highest quality image for applications such as security, machine vision, and agriculture.

SIVA 1820

Item Specification
Sensor (7.7mm image circle) 1/2.3 inch
Focal Length 5.49mm
Back Focal Length (Filter to Sensor) 3.325
Aperture F/# 2.0
Field Of View (degrees; D/H/V) 70.8(D)/59.2(H)/44(V)
Modulation Transfer Function 300 lp/mm @ 30% Mod
Distortion (@ corners) 3.60%
Mechanical Thread M16x0.05
Mechanical Dimension 29 Ø x 45.03 mm
Water Resistance IP67
Total Track 47.64 mm
IR Filter (+/-10nm) VIS Passband (420-670nm)
CRA 19.0 degree

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