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EVIDIR alpha infrared camera modules: thermal imaging and thermography for system integration

25 Mar 2020

Outstanding thermal image quality, low power consumption, and customizability characterize Jenoptik’s new series of EVIDIR alpha infrared camera modules. Enabling precise thermal imaging, temperature measurement, and most flexible system integration.

An excellent thermal sensitivity of at least 40 millikelvin NETD reveals even subtle differences in temperature distributions and makes them visible. This is a great benefit for all applications, where the detection of small changes in temperature makes all the difference between sensing and missing critical details. Be it in the field of surveillance and intrusion detection of critical infrastructures or in process control in industrial automation environments.

And it’s not about thermal imaging only. EVIDIR alpha infrared camera modules are available with radiometric calibration option, turning them into full-blooded thermographic camera modules with a remarkable temperature measurement accuracy of at least 3 Kelvin. This enables full control of temperature critical processes in industrial automation, or remote temperature screening and monitoring in applications such as predictive & preventive maintenance, tunnel and traffic safety, or disease control.

The small size of EVIDIR infrared camera modules makes them easy to integrate in all kinds of OEM systems. Especially portable equipment, personal assistance systems, bodycams or battery-powered systems, such as unmanned vehicles and drones, greatly benefit from the energy saving system design with low power consumption.

To meet the needs of OEM system integrators, the EVIDIR infrared camera series follows a modular toolbox approach that offers maximum flexibility for customization and adaption to specific customer needs:

  • Optimal size, weight, and performance (SWAP) ratio
  • European uncooled infrared detector technology (QVGA, VGA) with minimum export restrictions
  • High thermal sensitivity <= 40 mK
  • Long-time stable shutterless operation option
  • In-camera image processing and image corrections
  • CMOS, I2C, USB interface options, other on request
  • Low power consumption <= 800 mW
  • Radiometric calibration option
  • Various lens adapters

EVIDIR alpha infrared camera modules will be available as series products in October 2020.

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