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Product Announcement

NIRaman Multichannel Fiber Optic Probe

12 Mar 2020

Near-infrared (NIR) and Raman spectroscopy are increasingly used to measure process and product     characteristics in real-time, as these methods allow fast and non-destructive measurements without    sample preparation.

The reason for the high interest in these two methods as process analyzers, is their ability to provide universal and multidimensional information.

The interaction of light with molecular vibrations are the basis of these methods. They excite different types of vibrations and thereby are complementary. Molecules producing good signals in NIR spectra can produce weak signals in Raman spectra and vice versa.

Raman and NIR spectra contain qualitative and quantitative information on the chemical composition and physical properties of the substance. Both are able to supply critical product and process information during production.

Fiber-optic probes connected to spectrometers can be integrated directly into the process flows, which allows continuous monitoring during the process.

 Multichannel fiber optic probe (patent pending), have been developed by art photonics GmbH in cooperation with Measure Analyze Control BV. The first commercial version was designed for in situ NIR diffuse reflectance and Raman measurements of solids, powders, or liquids. The unique feature of the probe is that NIR and Raman channels can work simultaneously providing hybrid modelling opportunities that were impossible in the past. The probe shaft is electrical heated to prevent moisture condensation on optical windows.

NIRaman System is compatible with process-interfaces to be cleanable and to enable reaction monitoring in lab, pilot plant and run full automated process control.


  • Reaction monitoring in real time
  • Process Analytical Technologies (PAT)
  • Analytical Characterization
  • Biopharmaceutical Analysis
  • Biofuel Development & Production


  • NIR and Raman channels can work simultaneously
  • On-line diffuse reflection spectroscopy
  • High throughput in any part of UV –VIS and VIS-NIR spectra
  • Flexible and robust for industrial applications in harsh environment


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