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Product Announcement

Lumencor’s Celesta Light Engine delivers exceptional brightness and speed.

04 Mar 2020

The CELESTA light engine delivers approximately 1000 mW from each of its seven individually addressable lasers at the distal end of a 1.5 mm diameter optical fiber. The laser outputs are refined by bandpass filters and merged into a common optical train directed to the light output port on the front panel. The light output port has a built-in adapter for connection to microscopes and other bioanalytical instruments through a SMA-terminated optical fiber. The CELESTA light engine controls are implemented in several image acquisition software packages. TTL trigger inputs provided for all lines support applications requiring fast (100 microseconds) switching.

With each light engine, the lasers are allied with sophisticated control and monitoring systems to deliver the performance needed for spinning disk confocal microscopy, optogenetics and other advanced imaging applications. Power stability is sustained by active stabilization providing superior short and long term reproducibility, overall data quality and quantitation.

For more information on the CELESTA light engine, please contact us.

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