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Product Announcement

Pulsable IR Emitters - EVF-555X

27 Feb 2020

LASER COMPONENTS has a long and successful partnership with Helioworks, a world leading manufacturer of infrared emitters. The EVF-555X is a pulsable black body infrared emitter in an industry standard TO-39 with 1.6 Watts input power at a peak temperature of 700 degrees centigrade. The radiating element is vertically orientated and centred in a parabolic reflector so that the radiation from both sides of the elements is captured and directed outwards. The filaments are made using ultra-thin nichrome metal strips with a very short thermal time constant, in short they heat up and cool down very rapidly.

The package can be sealed with a choice of calcium fluoride, sapphire or zinc selenide window.

Also available are a range of continuous IR emitters using Kanthal filaments and again fitted with an internal parabolic reflector, these devices offer a low voltage DC input.

All the emitters that we supply provide robust sources for spectroscopic applications.

Further information https://www.lasercomponents.com/uk/product/ir-emitters/

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