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Product Announcement

Production-Level Inspection System for In-Headset AR/VR Display Testing

25 Feb 2020

Test the visual performance of displays in augmented & virtual reality headsets using a scientific-grade imaging system with the size and efficiency needed for production inspection. The Radiant Vision Systems AR/VR Lens solution is designed to simplify display measurement in VR headsets, AR smart glasses, and head-mounted displays without complex setup or programming. Featuring an aperture at the front of the lens, the imaging system’s entrance pupil can be positioned at the same point as the human eye within headsets to capture a full 120° horizontal/80° vertical field of view in a single measurement image. This enables quick and comprehensive analysis of all visual characteristics of the display that may be seen by the user, without rotating the imaging system or device.

The solution is equipped with AR/VR measurement software featuring a unique test suite for measuring the qualities of displays viewed in head-mounted devices. This automated visual inspection software controls test images displayed within the headset, and runs pass/fail analyses on virtual projections to evaluate brightness, color, contrast, distortion, MTF, focus, uniformity, and more. The lens system can be integrated into production lines using factory communications for fully automated testing, as well as used in the lab for display characterization.

Key features of the AR/VR Lens solution:

  • Aperture positioned at the front of the lens simulates the human eye’s entrance pupil, capturing a full field of view (FOV) of near-eye display projections through headsets
  • Aperture size (3.6 mm) simulates human eye pupil size
  • Lens FOV (120° horizontal, 80° vertical) captures immersive displays in a single image for evaluation
  • Designed to be positioned at the eye relief location
  • Pairs with any Radiant Vision Systems ProMetric® imaging colorimeter or photometer
  • Easy-to-use automated measurement control and analysis software (TT-ARVR™ Software)
  • Combination of low cost, high performance, and flexibility, designed for R&D and quality assurance in production

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