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Product Announcement

Robust and Production-Ready Fibre Cleaver

24 Feb 2020

LASER COMPONENTS realise how important it is to have an undisrupted and issue-free production line. This is why we work intensely on providing the most reliable fibre optical processing equipment.

ProCleave LD II is one of our robust and most advanced cleaving instruments. It allows for smooth operation while cleaving large diameter fibres (cladding diameters from 125µm to 500µm, coating diameters from 250µm to 900µm). It allows for ease-of-use while maintaining high production yield and process speed.

Low cleaving angles with flat surfaces can be easily achieved with ProCleave LD II (<0.5o). Special platforms are available that support Fujikura, Fitel, 3SAE, but can be used without fibre holders too. This cleaver can be operated while connected to an external power supply as well as a battery (can be supplied with built in rechargeable Li-Ion battery).

Two of the main features, which make ProCleave LD II one of the best cleavers available, are ways it overcomes typical problems often seen in production environment: failure in correct fibre holding and inability to cleave continuously.

The former is resolved by a fully automated system, which detects the fibre and adjust the clamping strength to the required level (while detecting the fibre diameter and adjusting the system accordingly).

The latter is solved by using a diamond blade with a vibration frequency sweep, which adjusts itself until the fibre is cleaved. Both techniques result in a fully automated and maintenance free cleaving.

ProCleave LD II is an excellent tool and is chosen by our customers frequently - both in high volume manufacturing as well as R&D environments.

Further information https://www.lasercomponents.com/uk/product/automatic-cleaver-for-large-core-fibers/

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