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Product Announcement

PbS and PbSe bare chip detectors on solderable PCBs

12 Feb 2020

trinamiX now offers their Hertzstueck brand of PbS and PbSe bare chip detectors on pre-bonded solderable adapter PCBs. This allows customers without wire-bonding expertise or capabilities to benefit from the detectors’ patented thin-film encapsulation, pick and place compatibility, small footprint and large field of view. Direct access to the thin-film encapsulated sensor surface without lossy entrance windows is crucial for compact solutions, applications with low signal levels, or optimal coupling with optical fibers. 

The adapter PCBs come in various sizes starting at 5mm x 6mm and a module height of 1 mm. Four castellated holes on the outer PCB edges serve as solder pads and make it possible to mount these detector modules directly onto any system PCB.  

Where volume constraints and photon budget matter, this is the perfect solution for quick and easy sensor evaluation as well as advanced product development. 

For further information contact Christian DörrChristian.doerr@trinamix.de, phone +49 621 60 97165 or visit www.trinamiXsensing.com 


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