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Right Angle Prism 03 December, 2019

03 Dec 2019

A right angle prism is usually used to turn a light path or deflect an image produced by an optical system by 90°.Depending on the orientation of the prism, the image can be aligned left and right, upside down and left and right.Rectangular prism can also be used for image combination, beam deviation and other applications.

When a right angle prism is used, some optical film is usually plated.The rectangular prism itself has a large contact area and such typical angles as 45° and 90°. Therefore, compared with ordinary reflectors, the rectangular prism is easier to install and has better stability and strength for mechanical stress.They are the best choice of optical parts for all kinds of devices and instruments.Right Angle Prism

Material BK7 glass / UV Fused silica
Dimension 3mm~200mm
Dimension tolerance ±0.1mm~±0.05mm
Surface quality 60/40, 40/20, 20/10
Surface flatness  λ/20 – λ/4
Angle tolerance  
Bevel <0.25mm×45°
Coating As per customized request

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