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IXF-YDF-6-125 and IXF-2CF-Yb-O-20-130-NL - Two New Specialty Fibres added to our Portfolio

28 Nov 2019

LASER COMPONENTS has added to its portfolio two new specialty fibres, a highly doped single clad 6μm core diameter Ytterbium doped fibre and a low NA double clad 20μm core diameter Ytterbium doped fibre.

The IXF-YDF-6-125 single clad Yb fibre features a 6μm core and 125μm cladding diameters. The doping level has been increased by a factor of three compared to existing fibres, reaching 75dB/m core absorption at 915nm. This fibre is ideal to minimise path length in femtosecond fibre lasers or pre-amplifiers. The fibre is available in Polarisation Maintaining (PM) or non-PM versions.

The IXF-2CF-Yb-O-20-130-NL dual clad Yb fibre features a 20μm core and 130μm cladding diameter. The fibre features a 0.08 numerical aperture and has been specifically developed for integration into high power industrial amplifiers and high peak power laser applications requiring good beam quality. The material composition of the fibre was carefully selected to avoid photodarkening effect.

More Information https://www.lasercomponents.com/uk/product/polarizing-fibers-and-polarizers-from-780-nm-to-1550-nm/

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