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Product Announcement

Beamsplitters for Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

31 Oct 2019

Specifiers looking for high-quality optical solutions for OCTs regularly turn to Knight Optical for on-spec, premium Beamsplitter Cubes and sound optical advice.

Our Beamsplitter Cubes are used within OCTs to split light into two paths (reference and sample arms); which are then reflected and combined at the detector point. Only if the time travelled by the light is almost equal will an interference effect occur at the detector.

 Compared to Plate Beamsplitters, Beamsplitter Cubes are commonly specified for these applications for two reasons. Firstly, the shape of the cube makes it easier to mount and align in a system and, therefore, offers superior control. Additionally, Plate Beamsplitters can often exhibit 'ghost' images, caused by unwanted light reflecting off the back surface of the plate. These varieties can also suffer from dispersion and beam deviation due to incident light passing through the plate at an angle.

Available as custom-made components only, our Beamsplitter Cubes are supplied in application-specific dimensions and tolerances to meet the exact needs of every project. What's more, custom coatings can be applied; providing optimum transmission and protection for all types of OCT applications. What’s more, alongside our Polarising Beamsplitter Cubes, we also offer Non-Polarising varieties for OCTs.

 Typical Specs:

Material: N-BK7 (or equivalent), UV Grade Fused Silica

Dimension Tolerances: +0, -0.02mm

Flatness: λ/4 over 25mm

Surface Quality: <40/20 Scratch/Dig

Angles: +/-1 arcmin

Coatings: Typically 50:50, 70:30, 90:10 Ratio Split

 First-Class Quality

Quality is the driving force behind Knight Optical, and to ensure you profit from high-precision optics, we take the utmost care to ensure every component accurately meets your specifications. Offering unparalleled service, Knight Optical undertakes a full inspection of your optics from our ISO 9001:2015-certified, state-of-the-art Metrology Laboratory, followed by a meticulous visual examination by our dedicated QA department.

 To discover how we can enhance your supply chain experience and to learn more about our custom-made Beamsplitter Cubes, contact a member of our technical sales team today. 

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