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High Precision Optical Bandpass Filters - Optical Filters for Traffic Enforcement and ANPR

28 Oct 2019

With more and more people taking to the road every year and the sweeping development of a smarter motorway, the need for traffic enforcement has come to the forefront once again. Special cameras and laser systems with the ability to capture accurate speed measurements, coupled with automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) are deployed in growing numbers.

Such systems are used to monitor cars travelling over the speed limit or cars that have exceeded the allocated parking restrictions. With the ANPR functionality, traffic enforcement companies no longer need to manually patrol and log the particulars of a vehicle at a given location. Such systems streamline the entire process of traffic enforcement, from identifying the culprit vehicle, to automatically generating the letters which are linked with the national car database to identify the owners of the vehicle. This ultimately saves the enforcement company time and valuable resources in pursuing those who contravene.

LASER COMPONENTS can help support manufacturers of such traffic enforcement systems by providing a range of high precision optical bandpass filters. These range of filters are centred at 740nm, 850nm, 870nm and 940nm. Typically these filters are provided as 25mm dia, supplied with and without mounts. These filters are hard coated with >90% peak transmission, ensuring accurate number plate capture. The hard coating gives good environmental durability meaning they are ideal for outdoor applications.

More Information https://www.lasercomponents.com/uk/optics/optical-filters/bandpass-filters/

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