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Power pack of an extra class: Jenoptik´s 275 W diode laser for efficient material processing

25 Oct 2019

Jenoptik´s new passively cooled 275 W diode laser for hard pulse and cw conditions comes along with smart heat management, an innovative connection technology and a convincing compact size. Its advantages are obvious: extremely high and increased performance combined with lower costs per watt and less complexity at the same time. This opens up new possibilities for manufacturers of laser systems and devices for more compact and powerful solutions.

Its significant performance advantage of 275 W makes the diode laser, which is available in wavelengths of 9xx nanometers, the perfect choice for laser material processing. The various applications range from laser cutting and laser welding to soldering, hardening, and tempering. As a photonic core component the laser beam source is also a beneficial tool in the healthcare & life science industry for laser-based treatments.

Due to the outstanding output power manufactures of complex laser systems now need fewer diode lasers than before to achieve the same laser performance or a power level in the kilowatt range. In combination with its compact dimensions, this not only positively affects costs, but also reduces the complexity and size of the entire system.

To increase the performance of existing laser systems with the passively cooled Jenoptik diode laser there was a strong focus on its easy and quick integration. The fast and simple adaption is supported by the use of standardized heat sinks, which have the same footprint as CS packages.

Moreover, Jenoptik´s diode laser features an innovative mounting and connection technology. This makes an important contribution to its reliability at the extremely high power level for hard pulse and cw operations. The connection technology is highly stable and robust and can withstand fluctuations in temperature during hard pulse operation.

Its top performance, reliability and quality are also achieved since Jenoptik uses its own semiconductor material, which is produced at ultra-modern production facilities in Berlin-Adlershof, where it is subjected to strict quality controls.

If you would like to learn more about the 275 W diode laser and to discover the future of laser material processing, please press here

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