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Product Announcement

Pro-Lite Launches Ultra-Sensitive Hyperspectral Imager from NIREO

22 Oct 2019

Pro-Lite Technology Ltd (Cranfield, UK) has partnered with Italian firm NIREOS (Milan) and launched the new HERA, an ultra-sensitive VIS-NIR (400-1000nm) global hyperspectral imager. Based upon a common-path interferometer with a large entrance aperture, the HERA provides high sensitivity combined with high resolution, making it ideal for low light level fluorescence spectroscopy applications. HERA can also be customised for the SWIR band (950-1700nm).

HERA's interferometric, common path optics leads to a very level of sensitivity, making it the perfect hyperspectral imager for low light level imaging applications and the detection of faint fluorescent spectra. HERA is perfect for low light level spectral imaging in molecular biology, biomedical imaging, and for detecting chlorophyll fluorescence.

NIREOS is a spin-off company from Politecnico di Milano and is located in Milan, Italy. Pro-Lite will offer the NIREOS HERA hyperspectral imager alongside its high throughput fluorescence spectrometers and Raman spectroscopy systems from Wasatch Photonics, fibre optic spectrometers from Avantes, broadband spectroradiometers from Spectral Evolution, spectral sensors from Spectral Engines and high performance spectral imaging systems from Cubert, NEO/HySpex, Photon_etc and Surface Optics. For further information: https://pro-lite.co.uk/File/nireos_hera_hyperspectral_imager.php

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