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Product Announcement

Transflection fiber probe

30 Sep 2019

High sensitivity Transflection fiber optic probe can be used with any fiber optic spectrometer or photometer. Available with a number of removable shaft heads, with slit width: 1, 2, or 5 mm (optical pass lengths 2, 4, 10 mm, respectively), these double-pass fiber probes have a bifurcated design, connecting the probe to both a light source and a spectrometer.

Dual Pass fiber optic probes are compatible with process-interfaces to be cleanable and to enable reaction monitoring in lab, pilot plant and run full automated process control.


  • On-line transflection spectroscopy in liquids
  • High throughput in any part of UV –VIS (250 -1150nm) and VIS-NIR (400 – 2200nm) spectra
  • Flexible and robust for industrial applications in harsh environment
  • Compatible with all fiber optic spectrometers

Application areas

  • Reaction monitoring in real time
  • Process Analytical Technologies (PAT)
  • Analytical Characterization
  •  Biopharmaceutical Analysis
  • Biofuel Development & Production

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