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Motorized beam expander from Jenoptik simplifies laser production

26 Sep 2019

The motorized beam expander BEX-M 1x-8x focuses mainly on the critical parameters of time, quality, and ease of handling. It is offered for wavelengths of 355, 515-540 or 1030–1080 nanometers, the expansion can be continuously adjusted from 1x to 8x using software commands. In the manufacturing process, changing the expansion of the beam changes its spot size on the workpiece.

The beam can be adjusted to the optimum spot size for different manufacturing processes, resulting in significantly higher quality and productivity for the user. The divergence of the laser beam can be precisely adjusted to achieve tolerance compensation in the entire system, for example to compensate for thermal effects. Controlling the divergence also makes it possible to change the position of the working plane. Both features – motorized change of magnification and focusing – help to reduce setup times. 

Thanks to an innovative frame concept the construction of the beam expanders is extremely compact and robust. The lenses do not rotate during focusing or magnification but are moved within a linear guide, resulting in excellent beam stability and constantly high quality.

The optical system is designed in such a way that a diffraction-limited image quality is achieved across the entire expansion range. The optimized coatings ensure the highest transmission and minimal thermal effects in wavelength ranges of 355, 515-540 and 1030–1080 nanometers.

The motorized beam expander is a perfect match for Jenoptik's F-theta lenses and can be used in a large number of beam guidance systems. It is used in the production of microstructures and for the marking and labeling of different materials. It can be easily integrated into any system using the appropriate software interfaces.

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