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Apply a New Level of Flexibility to Analyze Thermal Effects

18 Sep 2019

In thermography, there are a number of qualities that you can expect from a modern infrared camera. Flexibility is undoubtedly one of them. InfraTec takes different paths to fulfil such requirements in terms of its high-end camera series ImageIR®. One feature, that provides you with a corresponding level of versatility is the choice between two speed modes for the same camera. In standard mode, the familiar frame rates for full frame, half frame and sub-frame are available with full spatial resolution. In high-speed mode, images can be taken with the identical FOV – while the frame rates increase to more than three times the previous value.

 In addition to speed, the signal-to-noise ratio improves in high-speed mode by a factor of approximately 2 due to the larger effective pixel area. This increase in thermal resolution ensures that even smaller temperature differences can be detected reliably.

Optimum Camera Setting for Every Measurement Situation

Another camera feature called HighSense preserves the measurement accuracy of the ImageIR® cameras when integration times or measurement ranges are changed. You benefit from maximum flexibility and save costs, for example, by avoiding additional application-specific special calibrations.

 HighSense enhances the existing factory calibration of the camera. It enables the possibility of setting up customized temperature measurement ranges in two different ways. The first one allows to select a desired integration time. After entering the integration time via the intuitive software interface, the resulting temperature measurement range is calculated automatically and can be used for accurate measurements.

 The second way addresses the issue of the temperature measurement range. This can be specified by defining an upper and lower limit. Afterwards, the appropriate integration time is calculated again to achieve the optimum signal-to-noise ratio and stored as setting parameter for the planned measurement task.

Thermographic Systems Meeting Highest Standards

HighSense and high-speed mode are two examples that prove, how convenient you can adapt ImageIR® cameras to specific measurement and testing tasks. The basis for this lies in their modular design incorporating optical-, detector- and interface modules. If you depend on extremely flexible camera technology with a maximum of sensitivity, accuracy, geometrical resolution and speed, ImageIR® is the perfect solution meeting highest demands in research and science, non-destructive testing as well as process control. Top values at spatial, thermal and temporal resolution ensure that you can master reliably most various tasks in research and science, non-destructive testing and process control:

  • Cooled photon detectors with (320 × 256) to (1,920 × 1,536) IR pixels
  • MicroScan technology allows image resolution up to (2,560 × 2,048) IR pixels
  • Thermal resolution up to < 0.015 K
  • Measurement accuracy ± 1 °C; ± 1 %
  • High-speed data storage with a frame rate up to 105,000 Hz

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