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Product Announcement

ELECTRO MIR – Mid-IR supercontinuum laser

02 Sep 2019

ELECTRO MIR is a highly reliable supercontinuum laser available in two models : one up to 4100nm with a typical power of 1 W and the other covering up to 4800nm with a typical power of 500mW. These lasers are turnkey, robust, achromatically collimated and have shown today continous running time > 5000h, without any maintenance (lifetime tests still ongoing).

ELECTRO MIR is the perfect tool for industrial and scientific applications, where Mid-Infrared wavelength in the range 1-5µm are needed : spectroscopy, metrology, LIDAR, biology.

The laser can be controled in free-running mode with high repetition rate, or externally triggered with pulse on demand. It is all fibered, maintenance-free, for easy integration.

ELECTRO MIR is compatible with the tools supplied by LEUKOS : fiber coupling with POP, spectral filtering with TANGO (Acousto Optic Tunable Filter) or SKA.

This laser is the result of the fruitfull partnership between Le Verre Fluoré, world leader in fluoride glasses, and Leukos, a major actor for supercontinuum lasers.

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