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Product Announcement

New Generation of Compact, Precise, and Economical Mini-Chrom Monochromators

29 Aug 2019

Mini-Chrom monochromators are a family of compact, in-line Fastie-Ebert monochromators with a 74mm focal length and operating ranges extending from 190nm – 2200nm. Compatible with UV, visible, and NIR spectrums, this line is well-suited for OEM integration as well as basic research.

With more than 30,000 monochromators sold, the Mini-Chrom line has a long history of reliable precision and a superior service life. Throughput, resolution, stray light and power handling are comparable to many larger, more expensive monochromators. Mini-Chroms are specifically designed to minimize astigmatic aberrations, enhancing instrument resolution. The table below compares the four models. All are available online for shipping worldwide.

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Each unit includes a pair for 300 micron slits. Sets of wider and narrower slits are available to optimize throughput or resolution for your particular application. Additional accessories include stepping motor controllers, tungsten halogen light sources, fiber optic cables, and more.



Mini-Chrom Monochromator

Mini-Chrom Monochromator

Mini-Chrom Monochromator

Scanning Digital
Mini-Chrom Monochromator

Operating Range

8 models, ranging from 190-2200 nm

8 models, ranging from 190-2200 nm

8 models, ranging from 190-2200 nm

8 models, ranging from 190-2200 nm

Wavelength Readout


4-digit counter


4-digit counter & connected tools

Wavelength Selection



Stepping or Servo-controlled motor (not included)

Manual & Stepping motor (included)

Typical Applications

Manually-tuned single wavelength selection

Manually-tuned single wavelength selection with a digital readout

Motor-driven single or repetitive scans of wavelength intervals, or sequential selection of discrete wavelengths

Computer-controlled scanning to a selected wavelength or routine with the an integrated visual wavelength readout and manual wavelength tunability


Research, Engineering, Life Sciences

Research, Engineering, Life Sciences

Research, Engineering, Life Sciences, OEM system integration

Research, Engineering, Life Sciences, OEM system integration

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