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MKS Announces Ophir® Juno+, Compact USB Module That Turns PC into Laser Power/Energy Meter

26 Jul 2019

Ophir® Juno+ USB Interface is smart, compact USB module, the Juno+ turns a PC or laptop into a full laser power/energy meter. It connects any of the 100+ Ophir smart laser sensors – thermal, pyroelectic, and photodiode – to a PC USB port, including the BeamTrack family of thermal sensors that combines multiple functions into one device: laser power, energy, beam position, and beam size. The Juno+ operates with StarLab software to log power and energy, as well as calculate and display averages, statistics, and histograms.

 Juno+ is a plug and play module that can be used with a wide variety of laser measurement sensors. Several sensors can be connected to a PC using one Juno module for each sensor; if needed, a USB hub can be used to connect up to eight (8) sensors to one PC. Unlike some competitive offerings, Juno+ uses a standard USB cable and can be unplugged from one sensor and used on another. No power source is required. A scalable analog output is provided for synchronizing power readings with an outside controller. System integrator tools, LabVIEW VIs and COM Object Interface, are included.

 "Juno+ is a true USB device that works with all Ophir sensors, including a scalable analog ouput for connection with an outside controller," stated Reuven Silverman, General Manager for the Ophir business unit. "Unlike sensors with the USB unit built into the cable, Juno+ can be attached and unattached at will, obviating the need to buy a separate USB interface for each sensor. And with Juno+, you can use the same senor with a direct PC connection or with a standard meter."

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