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Beam Splitter

28 May 2019

The pplarization beam splitter is a type of beam splitter.

The function of a beam splitter is to split a beam of light into two (or one)beams.

Polarizing beamsplitters are beamsplitters that are split by polarization.For example,the vertical components are in one bundle and the parallel components are in the other bundle.The beam splitter is simply splitting the beam into two beams,and the polarization beam splitter can split the beam into two orthogonal beams.The polaring beam splitter splits incident non-polarizeed light into two vertical lines of polarized light.The P polarization is completely passed,and the S polarization is reflected at a45 degree angle,and the exit direction is that a 90 degree angle with the P light.The polarization beam splitter prism is formed by gluing a pair of high-precision right-angle prisms,and one of the prisms is coated with a polarization splitter film on the obique side.

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