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Points To Note When Using A Cylindrical Lens

14 May 2019

In the mostcases,the cylinderical lens is made of glass,wherein the cylinderical surface of the cylinderical lens is a precisely treated optical surface.A typical cylinderical lens is a Plano Caoncave Cylinderical Lens that adds flexibility to manufacturing and testing.Very similar to spherical lens,the cylindrical surface is affected by the surface accuracy and is further processed after polishing.Surface accuracy is determined by surface irregularities and surface quality,which are th esame as spherical lenses.Unlike spherical lenses,cylindrical lenses have other specifications require specific analysis of specific issues.

The following specifications are subject to spcific analysis based on the target application:

Quasi-line wedge angle(eccentricity)

When the alignment is not perpendicular to the thickness of the lens,a guideline wedge amgle is produced.Similar to the spherical eccentricity in aspherical optic,the collimated wedge angle is the displacement of the actual optical axis.If the cylinderical lens has a collimated wedge angle,the following mechanical and optical aberrations may occur in the system,including:Uneven line thickness at oth neds of the focal plane

Beam deviation on the alignment

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