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Thin Film Polarisers - Available in Three Standard Variants

03 Apr 2019

LASER COMPONENTS offers a range of optics for polarisation separation. In addition to both common Glan Taylor polarisers and cube polarisers, we produce Thin Film Polarisers (TFP) composed of a dielectric coating on a plane glass substrate, suitable for high power applications. Three standard variants are available.

The standard TFP has a high damage threshold and produces the maximum extinction ratio at a single angle of incidence, the Brewster angle ±3°. Due to the Brewster angle configuration, an anti-reflection coating is not required on the rear face of the component.

Thin film polarisers are offered at a 45° AOI, making them suitable for mounting in standard mounts for 90° bending mirrors, meaning that they may be simply and inexpensively mounted into different systems. Producing a TFP at 45° does come at the cost of the extinction ratio, angle dependency and damage threshold, as well as the requirement for a rear surface anti-reflective coating.

Broadband TFPs with low dispersion are well suited for polarisation separation in broadband systems such as Ti:sapphire fs lasers. The coating is the same on both sides so may be used in both directions.

More Information https://www.lasercomponents.com/uk/product/thin-film-polarizers/

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