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Product Announcement

Bi-stable Rotary Optical Shutter / BOS series

22 Mar 2019

Takano proudly announces the global launch of its BI-STABLE OPTICAL ROTARY SHUTTER / BOS series.

Takano optical shutters utilize Bi-stable Miniature Rotary Solenoids as their actuation body. Our solenoid technology is backed up by expertise accumulated over 30 years of experience in the solenoid actuator business, both in Japan and overseas. This rich history has endowed Takano optical shutters with various unique features, such as power efficiency, compact design, and high reliability, as well as the capacity for flexible customization.

1. Extremely small in size 【miniature rotary solenoid】

Takano’s BOS series utilizes miniature bi-stable rotary solenoids.

2. Low power consumption, energy efficient 【permanent magnet retention, pulse driven】

When the unit is de-energized, the shutter blade is held in place by the force of a permanent magnet inside the solenoid body. Power only needs to be applied when the blade is to be rotated for open/close (pulse-driven).  This mechanism makes our shutter unit remarkably power-efficient.

3. High speed open/close 【bi-stable magnetic structure】

Takano optical shutters actuate via repulsive and attractive magnetic force, which is controlled by switching the current direction. This actuation mechanism enables our optical shutter to generate torque and operate at very high speeds.

4. Extremely long life 【5M cycles】

Durability of our BOS series is 5 million cycles or more.

5. Custom design solutions

Takano is ready to apply our expertise to design and develop custom design solutions to meet your specific requirements for shape, size, angle, materials, etc.

Takano’s solenoid solutions are utilized in a wide range of optical devices and applications, such as night vision cameras, thermal imaging cameras, biomicroscopy instruments, ophthalmology equipment, laser systems (for blocking the light path), calibration of image sensors, and switching wavelength filters.

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