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BitFlow expands its CoaXPress product line : Introducing the Aon-CXP

08 Feb 2019

CoaXPress (CXP) is a simple, yet powerful, standard for moving high speed serial data from a camera to a frame grabber. Data is captured at speeds of up to 6.25 Gigabits/Second (Gb/S). Simultaneously, control commands and triggers can be sent to the camera 20 Mb/S (with a trigger accuracy of +/- 2 nanoseconds). Up to 13W of power can also supplied to the camera. All this happens over a single piece of industry standard 75 Ohm coaxial cable.

BitFlow's latest offering, the Aon-CXP is low cost, single link CoaXPress frame grabber. It supports one single link CXP camera speeds up to 6.25 Gb/S and has been designed for the low cost/high performance market. The Aon-CXP has a Gen 2.0 x2 PCI Express bus interface. The Gen 2.0 PCIe bus doubles the data rate of the Gen 1.0 bus while using the same footprint and connectors. The board will work in any Gen 2.0 slot, with a minimum electrical configuration of x2. This ensures the board will run at full capacity. The Aon-CXP compliments the Cyton CXP family for market ready cameras with 1 to 4 links while utilizing the same BitFlow cross interface SDK.

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