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Product Announcement

Motorized laser power attenuators (LPA)

25 Jan 2019

Optogama designs and manufactures Motorized laser power attenuators (LPA) for laser power control and stabilization.

LPA could be produced for use in the UV, visible, and NIR spectral ranges from 240 nm to 2000 nm. These devices have large clear aperture dedicated for considerable beam application

All optical elements of these laser power attenuators are made for high LIDT and provide stable and reliable performance using them with high power lasers in industrial applications.

Secondary laser beam from laser power attenuator unit is rejected out trough output window to external beam dump (optional) in order to avoid any thermal effects or stress in the housing of LPA device.

Main features

  • Robust mechanical design
  • Large clear aperture
  • Motorized power attenuation control
  • Wide power attenuation range 0.1-97%
  • Wide wavelength adoption 240 nm - 2 μm
  • High Resolution <0.1%

Application examples

  • Laser micromachining
  • Research

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