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Product Announcement

Custom and OEM Optical Filter Development

06 Dec 2018

Challenging custom optical filters without prohibitive pricing

At Alluxa, we are continually striving to improve our products by researching and developing novel thin-film technologies. Therefore, we welcome any custom optical filter requests for non-standard spectral shapes, unusual coating materials, tunable filters, extreme blocking, or any other challenging technical specifications.

Alluxa’s design approach allows each custom thin-film optical coating to be completely optimized to your system. As an example, the custom optical filter in Figure 1 was designed to shape the spectrum of a Xenon arc lamp to resemble that of the sun. Figure 2 shows the resulting spectrum produced when light from the Xenon arc lamp is transmitted through the custom filter.

Our engineering team will work with you to design the ideal custom interference filter or thin-film coating for your OEM system. Even if your requirements are challenging, we will push the boundaries of our current design techniques and coating processes in order to meet the demands of your system. If we are unable to meet your requirements on the first coating run, we will perform additional runs at no extra cost until we have achieved our best possible effort to meet the specifications.

Whether needed in large or small volumes, Alluxa is able to quickly and efficiently produce custom thin films that will allow your system to reach its full potential in terms of both performance and cost.

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