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Product Announcement

IR Flat Glass Optics Available from Sydor

15 Nov 2018

Using an infrared application? Choosing the correct material for your application is key for a successful outcome and Sydor Optics offers several high-performing options for your next project.

Sydor Material Refractive Index CTE (ppm/K) Spectral Range
Germanium 4.0243 @4 mm 4.0032 @10 mm 6 2.0 - 17.0 um
Silicon 3.4255 @4 mm n/a 2.7 1.2 - 9.0 um
Sapphire 1.6753 @ 4 mm/td> n/a 5.6 0.17 - 5.5 um

Germanium is classified as a crystal, and is one of the most commonly used IR materials. It offers a high refractive index and a large dn/dT, which may be impacted with temperature shifts. It is recommended that an IR coating be used in conjunction.

Common Germanium uses: IR lenses, thermal imaging, IR spectroscopy, electro optic sensors, thermal imaging

Silicon is also a crystalline material used most often in the MWIR band, because of absorption in the 8 um to 14 um LWIR band. Dispersion is relatively low and this material can be diamond turned if needed, but is not generally recommended.

Common Silicon uses: ISR Imaging, electro optic sensors, laser designators

Sapphire is a dense material that is capable of transmitting deep UV to MWIR. Being difficult to manufacture, Sapphire is generally higher in cost but is valuable in its excellent thermal properties. It is also birefringent, meaning the refractive index changes with the plane of incidence. It is not recommended to be diamond-turned.

Common Sapphire uses: ISR imaging, missile windows

Download our IR material data sheets here.

If you need a different substrate other than what is listed above, contact a Sales Engineer, who can guide you through additional options.

Sydor Optics IR Product Specifications and Measurements

  • Diameter/diagonal < 300 mm
  • Thickness < 15 mm
  • Thickness tolerance < 0.02 mm

For the full list regarding our manufacturing part dimensions and performance measurements, visit our website.

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