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Product Announcement

Reflecting light on Knight Optical’s mirrors for Medical Lighting.

27 Oct 2018

Knight Optical provide the medical lighting industry with a wide range of optical components that enhance the light source. Medical Lighting embraces reflections with the aim of achieving the best possible lighting for surgical procedures. These may be used in headlamps, operating theatre lights, illuminated magnifiers, and examination lights.

Two popular products for us in this industry are concave mirrors/reflectors, and plane front surface mirrors. These mirrors are in our stock range, ready for immediate dispatch and installation into your instrument.

Our popular concave lamp reflector (LCM9318) is available from stock. Specifications include:

  • 70mm Diameter
  • Protected Aluminium Coating R.avg>88% at 450nm – 650nm
  • 104mm Focal Length

We also offer alternative solutions with our stock concave mirrors ranging from 25mm in diameter, and focal lengths up to 175mm. All parts are metallic coated to achieve 88% reflection average or greater, ensuring the brightest light is achieved.

However, concave mirrors are not the only option to be used in Medical Lighting. Our huge range of Plane Front Surface Mirrors of varying grades can help enhance your medical lighting instrument. With a wide range of coatings including:

  • Enhanced aluminium 94%R for visible applications.
  • 99.9% dielectric for laser use in visible applications.
  • UV aluminium for UV applications down to 180nm.
  • 98.5% dielectric for laser use in the NIR applications.
  • Ion-plated silver for NIR 450nm-2000nm applications.
  • Protected gold for 750nm to far infra-red applications.

Available from stock in flatness specifications of 1λ, λ/2, λ/4 up to λ/10, we certainly understand the requirement to provide high-quality mirrors for your application.

Does our stock not fulfil all your requirements? We are specialists in providing custom bespoke optical solutions for your medical lighting applications. Our custom capabilities are endless and we can provide concave mirrors to the following specifications:

  • Diameter: 3mm to 200mm+
  • Focal length: 3mm to 1000mm+
  • Centration: < 3 arcseconds
  • Surface figure: < 0.1 fringes
  • Scratch/dig: < 40/20
  • Material options: Optical Glass
  • Coatings: As above

Our custom capabilities for plane mirrors are:

  • Dimensions: 5mm to 300mm+
  • Thickness: 1.5mm to 20mm+
  • Flatness: < 1/10th wave
  • Parallelism: < 3 arcseconds
  • Coating options: See above
  • Mounting options: Mounted or unmounted
  • Substrate: Float glass
  • Surface quality: < 60/40

To keep up with the latest scientific developments, we guarantee that our in-house Metrology and Quality Assurance departments will not only deliver premium, individually inspected and tested optical components to your business but should there be a need, can deliver bespoke optics designed to your exact specifications.

Come and discover how Knight Optical can fulfil your medical lighting requirements.

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           usasales@knightoptical.com (USA & Canada)

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