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LEUKOS Electro MIR, a broad Mid IR supercontinuum lasers up to 4.8µ

17 Sep 2018

Based on a qualified all-fiber amplified diode design and integrating Le Verre Fluoré space qualified fibers, LEUKOS Electro MIR supercontinuum lasers have reached the most advanced stage of development in mid-infrared broadband lightening.

With a broad continuous spectrum up to 4.8µm, spatial coherence, high brightness and more than 800mW power, the Electro MIR lasers deliver unprecedented performances and offer great benefits compared to other mid-infrared light sources such as QCL or thermal emitters.

LEUKOS Electro MIR cutting-edge performances rely on the unique fibers from Le Verre Fluoré. To guarantee the best durability and robustness the Electro MIR lasers combine the integration of telecom qualified components and Le Verre Fluoré superior quality fibers. In addition LEUKOS has implemented an optimized manufacturing process dedicated to the Electro MIR advanced modular design in order to ensure a high level of reliability.

Turnkey, with maintenance-free design, in a compact portable format and equipped with an achromatic collimation (reflective optics), the Electro MIR supercontinuum lasers are the ideal solution for mid infrared applications. Electro MIR lasers are suitable solutions for a wide range of applications such as infrared spectroscopy, sensing, countermeasures (IRCM), spectral fingerprinting, mid-infrared imaging…

Like other supercontinuum from LEUKOS, Electro MIR lasers can easily be integrated in laboratories as well as in industrial production. Ultimately the modular design of the Electro MIR provides high operational flexibility, making service and maintenance simple. It makes LEUKOS Electro MIR the perfect choice for industrial environments.

The Electro MIR mid-infrared supercontinuum lasers are available from LEUKOS and from our distribution team worldwide. Contact us and ask for a demonstration.

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