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Looking for Quantum Coincidences?

26 Mar 2018

The QuCoa software package from PicoQuant is an intuitive and integrated solution for coincidence correlation and counting using state of the art time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) electronics. Our solution is Ideal for use in various research fields that rely on coincidence detection such as Hanbury-Brown-Twiss setups to study single photon sources, quantum key distributions, or studying entanglements in Hong-Ou Mandel setups.

Designed for 64 bit Windows operating systems, QuCoa features powerful analytical routines that are controlled via an intuitive graphical user interface with clearly structured data layout. The philosophy behind our work-space concept is to make analysis and visualizing dependencies easy. You can concentrate on interpreting your results and not on processing the data!

Featuring one of the fastest software correlators on the market, QuCoa can correlate absolute arrival times of photons and assess the quality of anitbunching curves in real time. By using PicoQuant’s unique T2 time-tagged, time-resolved data acquisition mode of the Harp Series of TCSPC electronics, QuCoa records and stores all photon timing information. Thus enabling you to carry out a broad range of off-line data interpretation, ranging from basic intensity time traces to complex correlation and coincidence counting.

QuCoa offers several established fitting models, including models for single emitter with or without shelved states and for pulsed excitation. The software also provides an easy-to-use interactive filter editor for coincidence counting applications. The filters consist of boolean logical operators that can be applied to any combination of detection  channels and external synchronization (marker) signals. Such filters can be applied during data acquisition as well as offline analysis.

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