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Product Announcement

Archer OpTx’s shortest focal length PerfectLensTM L150 molded glass asphere

30 Nov 2017

Archer OpTx’s shortest focal length lens in the PerfectLensTM ultra-high precision molded glass asphere series is the L150 (3.00mm OD, 2.00 mm EFL).  The L150 is molded Ohara optical glass, using the same PerfectLensTM technology platform that produces the highest precision molded glass aspheres in the world.
The Archer OpTx L150 PerfectLensTM is designed to collimate, focus, or couple laser and LED beams in NIR applications that require diffraction limited performance around 780 nm, 808 nm, and 830 nm.  Customers are also currently using the L150 in various applications at 445 nm, 532 nm, and 633 nm.
As with other Archer OpTx ultra-high precision molded glass aspheres, the L150 can be supplied as a stand-alone lens or with an integral precision mount.  A, B, and C BBAR, VAR and SLAR coatings are available on a standard/custom basis.  

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