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High-precision Goniometer for Angle Measurements on Optical Prisms and Polygons

10 Nov 2017


Products from the PrismMaster® series are used for high-precision angle measurement of prisms, polygons and many other optical components. The automation of the measurement process ensures fast and operator-independent results. The integrated air bearing and electronic autocollimator ensure highest accuracy as well as high repeatability of measurement results. With an accuracy of up to 0.25 arcseconds, the PrismMaster® is the world’s most accurate goniometer. All measurement parts are integrated in a stable granite frame, which provides utmost mechanical and thermal stability with high measurement accuracy.

The overall concept of the PrismMaster® series follows a simple philosophy: The user benefits from a user-friendly high-precision instrument with unrivalled levels of accuracy. For routine measurements in the production process, the system can simply be fed with prism data from a database. The measurement of problematic or unknown samples is notably simplified, and reliably prevents false measurements by distinguishing between internal and first surface reflections.

Manufacturers’ demands are increasingly on the rise, for instance, pertaining to micro and roof prisms. TRIOPTICS responds with great flexibility to market demands by offering versatile goniometers and extensive measuring accessories like the roof prism adaptor and the small prism adaptor. The roof prism adaptor aids in measuring roof prisms; and is progressively configurable and easy-to-use. The small prism adaptor is used to enlarge the field-of-view (FOV) for better light yield to be able to perform the measurement of small and micro prisms.

TRIOPTICS’ SpectroMaster® series is used to perform direct and highly accurate angle and refractive index measurements in transmission. Drawing on the SpectroMaster® experience, the PrismMaster® series facilitates transmission measurements and refractive index calculations without any additional accessories. The transmission measurement is partly based on analysis of the beams, that are deflected by refraction, and reflected on the rear of the prism. This requires intelligent software which is capable of analyzing the relevant measured data of reflection measurements. With this method, the refractive index of the sample - as well as the deflection angle - can be precisely determined.

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