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Benefits of gigahertz mode spacing for frequency comb

29 Jun 2017

In a recent webinar hosted by the Institute of Physics, Dr Albrecht Bartels gave a presentation on the benefits of GHz mode spacing in frequency comb applications. Covering the fundamentals of frequency combs, he explained each benefit with reference to applications such as optical clocks, spectrographic calibration, direct spectroscopy and dual comb spectroscopy.

Dr Albrecht Bartels, obtained his doctorate in Physics from RWTH Aachen University and did much of his post-doctorate research in the US National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder USA, specialising in frequency comb research. During this time, he developed a 1 GHz Ti:Sapphire oscillator that quickly became the source of choice for the major optical clock laboratories around the world.

Due to the Ti:Sapphire lasers need for regular maintenance and the advance of fibre technology, the GHz frequency comb, became less common. Recently however, with the advent of hermetically sealed GHz lasers with “fit-and-forget” technology, the benefits of Ti:Sapphire is becoming more important. In his webinar Dr Bartels explains the four main benefits over standard 100 MHz systems, namely:

  • Larger mode spacing – Simplification of beat identification
  • Higher power per mode – Increased signal to noise ratio for heterodyne beat or direct spectroscopy
  • Easier to resolve modes – Calibration or direct spectroscopy
  • Reduces pulse to pulse spacing – Enhanced duty cycle in applications such as dual comb spectroscopy

He illustrated these benefits using case studies and application specific examples from three main applications; spectroscopy and frequency metrology, optical clocks and spectrographic calibration.

The webinar lasts 1 hours and can still be viewed from the Institute of Physics web site. Should you have any further questions regarding the taccor comb, please contact us.

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