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Knight Optical Glan-Taylor crystal polarisers

06 Apr 2017

Knight Optical supply custom Glan-Taylor polarizers for use in the UV, visual, and NIR wavebands (2.3µm). The Glan-Taylor polariser consists of two prisms made from crystal quartz or calcite that have hypotenuses cemented together to form a polarizing prism. This prism has two output ports, one containing the extraordinary ray from the birefringent material on a path undeviated from the input beam. The second, ordinary ray is deviated to exit from a port that is situated atop the prism. These prisms have a typical extinction ratio of 1:20,000.

Our mounted Glan-Taylor polarising prisms give high transmittance over a wide wavelength range.

These Glan-Taylor polarisers are supplied mounted in quality blackened aluminum. The outside diameters and length given below represents the mount dimensions. The clear aperture is the input face of the polarizer.

Please note these polarisers are manufactured to order and are not kept as a stock item. Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.

Material:                                                      Calcite (CaCO3)

Dimensions:                                               +/-0.1mm

Wavelength range:                                    350-2800nm

Wavefront distortion:                               λ/4 @ 633nm

Damage threshold:                                   > 200MW/cm2

Coating:                                                    Single layer MgF2

Mount options:                                       Polarisers are supplied mounted. Unmounted options are available.

Contact our technical sales team to discover how Knight Optical’s high quality Germanium Windows and superior service can improve your instrumentation and supply chain experience.

Tel +44(0)1622 859444 | Email contact@knightoptical.co.uk

Tel +(001) 401 583 7846 | Email usasales@knightoptical.com

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