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Latest release of FRED from Photon Engineering

03 Sep 2018

Analysis of opto-mechanical systems by raytracing is an essential part of the modern optical engineering paradigm. FRED Optical Engineering Software has been an industry standard for more than a decade, offering a virtual laboratory for integrating optical designs with mechanical designs in order to evaluate system level performance.

The latest release of FRED contains several upgrades that enhance the responsiveness and performance of the software with large models.  These core architecture upgrades are important since opto-mechanical system models are becoming increasingly complex and the software's performance must be able to scale efficiently with model size.

In addition to making FRED faster and more responsive, new grating functionality has been added to the software.  Every grating surface now supports two diffraction efficiency specifications that are selectively applied based on the field propagation direction relative to the grating, which supports accurate grating coupled waveguide designs.  Additionally, a new volume hologram efficiency calculation has been added that supports polarized fields.

Learn more about how FRED and FREDmpccan be integrated into your product development cycle here.   

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