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Product Announcement

New MIR series fiber coupled collimators for applications from 2 to 5 micron wavelengths

28 Apr 2016

Archer OpTx is extending its custom ultra-precision fiber optic solutions with the new MIR series fiber coupled collimators for applications from 2 to 5 micron wavelengths.  Applications such as laser surgery, broadband spectroscopy, and remote sensing benefit from the Archer OpTx MIR series fiber coupled collimators. 

The MIR series fiber can be combined with Archer OpTx’s ultra-high precision molded chalcogenide PerfectLensTM for collimating or focusing.  Each MIR series fiber lens assemblies are customized with a variety of focal lengths, beam sizes, and beam divergences using single and multimode formats to meet the specific customer application requirements.  High power systems and pulsed laser applications, needing severe damage thresholds, can have system terminations designed into the final cable package.

Archer OpTx’s MIR fiber collimators exhibit very low attenuation and a wide transmission band.  Coupling high quality IR fiber with the Archer OpTx chalcogenide PerfectLens TM provides significant reduced variability and improved overall optical performance.  One aspect of this improvement in optical performance is seen with high pointing accuracy, providing easier alignment and stability in any system.

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