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Product Announcement

Rugged IR Femtosecond OPO for Stand-Alone Ti:sapphire Lasers

26 Sep 2013

Designed and manufactured by Radiantis, the ORIA IR is a new optical parametric oscillator (OPO) which allows significant expansion of the spectral coverage of stand-alone femtosecond Ti:sapphire lasers, resulting in broad wavelength tunability with high average power in the IR. The Oria IR is compatible with a large range of individual MHz repetition rate femtosecond Ti:sapphire lasers and can be customised for many applications.

Designed for pick-and-place installation, it ensures virtually maintenance-free operation and highest usability since it does not require manual alignment of the cavity, being exclusively controlled by a PC. Its high quality components and rigorous manufacturing and testing protocols, make it a very highly reliable OPO. The Oria IR is subjected to vibration and drop tests followed by over 100 hours of temperature and humidity cycling to measure its ruggedness and ensure long lifetimes.

The Oria IR includes three output ports, which deliver:

1) the signal (across 1010–1550 nm)
2) the pump (typically across 690–1040 nm)
3) the idler (typically across 1700-4000 nm)

An important feature of the Oria IR is the incorporated Ti:sapphire pump bypass which enables the selection of 100% of the pump (with no signal power), a percentage of the pump (simultaneously with partial signal power), or 0% of the pump (with full signal power). Moreover, the Oria IR provides independent tuning of the pump and OPO wavelengths, which is achieved easily using the Oria IR advanced control software.

High peak-to-peak power stability and excellent beam pointing across the complete spectral range make the Oria IR an ideal tool for nonlinear microscopy applications such as multi-photon microscopy and coherent anti-stokes Raman spectroscopy (CARS). If your application needs a reliable broadly tunable femtosecond source in the IR, please visit the Radiantis website and find out more about the Oria IR.

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