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Product Announcement

JGM Associates, Inc. End-of-Year Discount Offer

12 Dec 2012

JGM Associates, Inc. (JGMA) exclusively manufactures and sells the Model 928 and Model 830 laser diode drivers. These are the same drivers developed by Spectra Diode Labs (SDL) for operating high-power 1D and large 2D laser diode arrays, and that have a long history of proven reliability. In October 2012, JGMA acquired exclusive rights to manufacture the Model 928 and 830 from Martek Power Laser Drive, who acquired rights from SDL in the 1990’s.

The Model 928 pulsed driver provides peak current to 150A and compliance voltage to 100 VDC (drives as many as 50 diode bars in series). The Model 830 cw / quasi-cw driver provides current to 50A at a maximum of 6 VDC compliance voltage. Both units provide transient and overload protection circuitry, have fast current rise/fall times suitable for generating short diode-current pulses (10 us rise/fall), and are sold with a flexible low-inductance (but round cross-section) cable for connecting the driver to the laser diode array. Both units also have a unique “replica” external-trigger feature that is convenient for driving diode-pump arrays used in the construction of microchip lasers, for example.

JGMA is offering a 20% ($1,500) discount on new Model 928 and Model 830 drivers ordered by Dec. 31, 2012. Additional discounts are available for orders of two or more units. For example, if a Model 928 and Model 830 are ordered at the same time, the Model 830 is offered at about half price.

We have 928 and 830 units in stock and ready for immediate delivery.

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